Whole House Water Filter Reviews

Whole House Water Filter Reviews


best whole house water filter


Best Whole House Water Filter

Whole House Water Filter Reviews. Getting your own whole house water filter system is probably one of the best decisions you can make for you and your family's health. Water is life! Life in our universe is dependent upon water. Our planet is made up about 70-80% Water. Your body is made up of about 70-80% water as well. Without water there can be no life. Before our industrial age, the fresh water sources on this planet were fairly pristine, and we didn't have to worry about filtering our water or risk serious illness. Now you absolutely need to get the Best Whole House Water Filter System you can get. 


Well, we're far past that now, and having a good water filter is no longer an option but a necessity. The quality of your life (and your family's too) is dependent upon the quality of water you have available to drink (and cook, rinse our food, wash our face with and bathe in.) Drinking toxic water can be lethal, just ask people in Flint MI, as well as other less publicized places with tap water contamination. What you don't know can hurt you, just watch the Great Culling movie below if you don't realize what is going on with your water and why. 



The absolute simplest thing I did to vastly improve my health, was to improve the quality of the water I was drinking. I drank tap water all the time, although it wasn't as contaminated and toxic when I was a kid as it is now. I am very much into my health and see the value of preventative medicine, rather than being a regular customer of doctors or hospitals.


I prefer the holistic approach, which begins with putting the best fuel in my body so it can look, feel and perform at it's very best. I chose the top alkaline water filter at the best price that got out all the toxins  like fluoride, glyphosate, chloramine, radiation, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals (prescription medications flushed down the toilet that end up in your drinking water), microorganisms (amoeba, bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold, etc.)


best whole house water filter system


Is Tap Water Safe To Drink?

Your Tap water quality varies by city and water district. Is Tap Water Safe to drink? Most “modern” communities in the US now actually add Chloramine and Fluoride to the tap water “for your health?” This is a serious health concern as Sodium Fluoride is a hazardous toxin that contrary to popular belief does not prevent tooth decay but causes dental fluorosis instead. It also causes mental disorders and brain deterioration (Alzheimer's Disease, Huntington's, Parkinson's, and Dementia.) It is the leading ingredient in Rat Poison and Anti-Depressants. It kills your brain cells, so you become a walking zombie. 


Even small levels of added sodium fluoride (from toothpaste or drinking water) lowers your IQ by around 10 points, makes you weaker, sicker and more sedate. It was placed in the concentration camps in Auschwitz to make the Jewish prisoners less likely to fight back and resist. And that is just Fluoride!   Watch this full length feature video when you have the time to learn about how toxic fluoride ended up in your toothpaste, medicine and drinking water (and how to get it out!):


is tap water safe to drink


What is In Tap Water?

Did you realize there are now typically hundreds of toxins, if not thousands in your drinking water? What is in Tap Water? Plenty of things you would rather not even hear about, but need to deal with to keep you and your family healthy and out of the hospital or doctors office. There are lots of microbes that cause intestinal parasites and can make you really sick. Along with industrial chemicals there are: bacteria, amoeba, viruses, parasites, radiation, fluoride, chloramine, chlorine, nitrates, hormones, pharmaceutical drugs, aluminum, lead, mercury, arsenic, glyphosates and pesticide run off.


I'm sure you know most of the toxins found in unfiltered tap water lead to cancer and other chronic illnesses too. By removing the nasties out of your drinking water, and keeping or even adding the beneficial minerals (that make the water a healthy alkaline) can vastly improve your health and performance.


Everyone should have their own Portable Water Filter so you can be prepared if your electricity goes out in your home, block or city, where your water comes from. It can help if you ever have to get your drinking water from the “Great Outdoors” and need to filter lake, stream, river or other “questionable” water source. I like Berkey Water Filters for portable or even outdoor party water filtration. It filters out the nasties in tap or garden hose water into the best tasting drinking water ever. It can even remove toxic fluoride! For more information see: Berkey Water Filter Review.


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Unfortunately now there is even radiation showing up in our drinking water supplies from the Fukushima disaster. This is alarming because not only is your seafood contaminated, but your produce is watered with this same water! I take natural Zeolite Powder now because it can safely trap and release radiation (and heavy metals, viruses and cancers) out of your body safely. Health is wealth, and without it you can't enjoy all that life has to offer. 


There is also frequently heavy metals (mercury, aluminum, lead, barium, etc), brain eating amoeba, bacteria like e-Coli, viruses, pesticides, fungicides, glyphosate and other farming chemicals that are being discovered in your drinking water. I highly recommend that at the bare minimum always have a portable water filter handy, it may take a little longer to purify water than a bigger filter but at least you can have clean pure drinking water.  


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Home Water Filter Systems

Our Home Water Filter Systems show you the best ways to not only get the contaminants out but actually how to transform the water coming into your house into health promoting and performance enhancing fully hydrating water. It's the number one thing you can do to improve your health and wellness level right now! Here are the most used water filtration and purification methods and their uses:


  • Bottled Water (varies by brand, usually still contains some fluoride, radiation and toxins)
  • Brita and Pur simple water filters (makes water taste better, not much more)
  • Portable Water Filter (to use when you're hiking or camping or for emergencies)
  • Water Distillation Systems (boils water into steam then collects it)
  • Reverse Osmosis System (forces water through tiny openings trapping out contaminants)
  • Ultraviolet Light (exposes water to UV rays to purify pathogens, available as an add on to Aquasana's Systems)
  • Water Ionizer (removes pathogens AND contaminants, makes water alkaline)
  • Whole House Water Filter Systems Filter out all the nasties and make your drinking water as healthy as possible with a balanced alkaline pH level.


They all have their pro's and con's, but 100% of them are all better than drinking tap water. The best whole house water purification methods are: Water Distillation, Reverse Osmosis and Water Ionization. 


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Whole House Water Filter Comparison

Here is a Whole House Water Filter Comparison showing the most common type of water purification for your entire home.  Some home water filter systems can include a mix of different types of filters and purification methods on one unit (pre-filters for specific purification issues for your local water district.)  


Distilled Water makes “empty water” as almost everything is removed, including some beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium making the water acidic. This can lead to osteoporosis and many chronic diseases if you use it long-term. The one time it is beneficial is to make herbal medicines or to use as a base for teas, or where you are detoxing everything in your body, including your bone mass!  


Reverse Osmosis System (RO) is highly purified water that has most everything removed from it, including most contaminants like fluoride and heavy metals, though not all radiation. If you are buying your water in a water kiosk or store they typically combine RO with Ultra Violet purification to also get the pathogens (microbes like bacteria, amoeba, protozoa, giardia, viruses, etc.) Unless they add in alkaline minerals the water will be acidic and not has healthy as filtered alkaline water.  


Water Ionizers produce the best water overall as they have the filtering level of RO on a molecular level and also remineralize the water making it super alkaline, disease fighting and health restoring. It is a highly antioxidant water with ORAC ratings! It is the most hydrating, because it creates structured water, where the water has the proper tension to enter into your body's cells and tissues making it usable to your body.


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Best Whole House Water Filter System 

The Best Whole House Water Filter System is the Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System. It is a top level water purification filter that can even have advanced UV filters and attached water softener system for your entire home! Get this system and every faucet in your home is protected from nasties entering your home. Aquasana provides the very best and highest level of filtering for all types of home water systems. You can use to prevent harmful chemicals from entering your shower or bath, where you inhale damaging chlorine gas and fluoride through your skin and sinuses.


Aquasana has small home water filters, well water filters, and up to commercial water filters available so you can fill your body with health promoting, instead of health destroying water. It keeps the healthy alkaline minerals in too, so it is slightly alkaline and healthy. It produces the best tasting drinking water as well. For more information just click on the Aquasana Rhino Water Filter System image below.


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