Best Water Filter Pitcher

Best Water Filter Pitcher


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Aquasana Water Pitcher

If you want a water pitcher filter that not only improves the way your water tastes but also removes the nasties in the tap water you're drinking, then there is nothing better than the Aquasana Water Pitcher. The Aquasana Water Pitcher, called the Clean Water Machine is the best powered water filter pitcher you can get anywhere! The amount of toxins it removes from the water you pour into it is amazing. Not only is it a great water purifier, it does it in a fraction of the time that a standard water pitcher does.


The Aquasana Water Filter Pitcher gives you highly purified and filtered water. Just pour ordinary tap water or bottled water in the pitcher and hit the button and instantly you have the highest level of purified water you can get in a few seconds. It is one of the best tasting waters I have ever had, beats the socks off of most bottled waters.


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There are so many harmful things left in your tap water that should never be allowed in your home or office. You would think the EPA (environmental protection agency) would be on top of this, but they are simply not! I think they actually get funded by the chemical companies that are allowed to dump toxic stuff in the drinking water supply, and get away with it.


Don't just cover up taste of the nasty tap water, but get that microscopic crap out that you can't see, but can cause serious health issues like Alzheimer's or Dementia (heavy metal poisoning.) It's not just in Flint, MI, that is having this great health issue, but most large cities in the US now. See Tap Water Dangers.


Having a really good drinking water filter is no longer an option if you don't want to risk your, or your family's health. It gets the toxic chemicals and additives out, while keeping the healthy minerals that make it taste good and keep the healthy Alkalline pH you need. Aquasana's Clean Water Machine gives you not only great tasting water, but health saving water.


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Clean Water Machine

Get Aquasana's Clean Water Machine and be done with it. I got my own unit (the black one pictured) and have been using it for a couple of months now. It's easy to put together and use, you just need to go through a cycle to prime the filters for first use. It makes sure the water filter is optimized to get even the tiniest of harmful matter out of your drinking water.


The first thing you notice is the sound of the powered water filter. This is what separates the Clean Water Machine from all the others. There is no waiting when you need hydration and clean safe drinking water. You simply hit the button and Aquasana does the rest.


People come over and want to refill their water bottles from my Clean Water Machine! They love the taste, even before I show them all the things it removes that their bottled water left behind for them to drink!


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Aquasana gives you professional filtration that is 8 times stronger and lasts over 10 times longer that other countertop water filter pitchers. The Claryum filters also retain the very important minerals that others don't. Most bottled water and other water filter pitchers leave the water acidic. Most diseases and chronic conditions (arthritis, hypertension, cancers, diabetes) are all related to acidity and inflammation.


What makes your water taste good is the minerals in it. Natural spring water used to be full of natural minerals before all the mining, and pesticide usage made it toxic. You have to filter out all the harmful metals, pathogens and chemicals while retaining (keeping in) the alkaline minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. 


Your body is made up of mostly water, particularly your brain and organs, so hydrate yourself with clean pure water that will allow you to look, feel and perform at your best! For more information see: Clean Water Machine.


best water filter pitcher

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