Best Reverse Osmosis System

Best Reverse Osmosis System


best ro system


What is Reverse Osmosis?

I'm sure you've heard of Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems before, but exactly What is Reverse Osmosis and how does it work? Reverse Osmosis is the gold standard when it comes to water purification. It gets almost everything that is bad out of your water, including the hard to remove fluoride. It removes bacteria, viruses, chemicals, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, glyphosates, heavy metals and flushed prescription medications that end up in your tap water supply.


Reverse Osmosis Filtration uses a series of filters called membranes that only allow pure water molecules to pass through when pressurized. Water pressure from your local tap water supply and plumbing goes into your Reverse Osmosis (RO water filter system) and pushes pure h20 through, while trapping and releasing the sediment and toxins from your RO water filter system into the drain and out of your home. Getting the Best Reverse Osmosis System can not only improve your physical and mental performance, but could also save you and your family's health. 


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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

What are the benefits of having the best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter?

  • Produces Highly Purified Alkaline Water (only the best ones do this)
  • Filters out Heavy Metals (Lead, Mercury, Fluoride, Arsenic, Aluminum, etc)
  • Kills Giardia, Viruses, Worms, Parasites, Bacteria, Amoeba and Pathogens
  • Removes Radioactive Particles (harmful radiation like iodine 131 and cesium 137) that cause cancer
  • Doesn’t Need an Electric Outlet to work
  • You can use it if you have Low Water Pressure 
  • BPA Free Components
  • Helpful for the environment – Eco Friendly
  • Easy to Setup, Install and Use (with detailed and video instructions)
  • Saves You Money and Resources over bottled water or driving to a water store while delivering the best water for your home.

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Getting your own Reverse Osmosis Water System is no longer a luxury but a necessity if you want to stay healthy and ahead of the curve.  Unfiltered tap water, including water filtered by Brita, Pur and other table water pitchers won't remove anything but the smell of chlorine. Don't sell yourself short and risk your health.


The solution is easy, get the best RO system you can, and never look back. I refill my own water bottles with my alkalized RO water and not only am helping the environment (and oil dependence from trucking in water, and plastic bottle manufacturing and waste) but am saving a ton of money and getting much better tasting and more highly purified drinking water.


Look at the table below to see exactly what the Best Reverse Osmosis System removes from your home water:


what does reverse osmosis remove


RO Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems (RO Water Systems) can be used or installed in a couple of different locations. The most common is the typical Under Sink Reverse Osmosis water filters that you use in your home kitchen. They allow you to have a premium RO water filter tucked away under your sink, with a beautiful purified water faucet on your counter top. 


You can also get Counter Top Reverse Osmosis units, that look good and you can use them anywhere you have a water line installed. Some are even water saving, good for drought stricken areas. Other types include Whole House Reverse Osmosis units, Portable Reverse Osmosis systems, and Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems.


The best overall home RO system is the Aquasana OptimH20 because of it's high level of purification and the fact that it puts the healthy minerals back into the water that turn it from harmful acidic pH water into a healthy alkaline drinking water. If you need a portable, or commercial RO system then you can find all types here: Reverse Osmosis System Reviews.


Best RO System

The Best RO System is the one that has the highest level of purification, restores the healthy alkaline minerals after purificaiton and has filters that are easy to replace. Aquasana gives you many years of crystal clear drinking water without any need for electricity. Here are the stages of filtration system that the Aquasana does for you:

  • REVERSE OSMOSIS – Removes dissolved solids smaller than 1 micron like toxic fluoride and arsenic.
  • ACTIVATED CARBON – Reduces organic chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, glyphosates, VOCs and MTBE.
  • CATALYTIC CARBON – Gets rid of chlorine and chloramines additives (chlorine + ammonia disinfectant).
  • ION EXCHANGE – Filters out dangerous heavy metals like lead, aluminum and mercury.
  • ABSOLUTE SUB-MICRON FILTRATION – Blocks asbestos and chlorine resistant cysts like giardia and cryptosporidium.
  • REMINERALIZATION – Puts back healthy alkaline minerals to boost aklaline pH balance, giving you the best tasting and purest water ever.


Aquasana also uses the OptimH2O technology that gives you the most hydrating and best tasting purified water. It is a powerful combination of water purification methods to make sure your drinking water is not only the best tasting but has all the harmful additives removed. 


Aquasana OptimH2O Purification

95% fluoride and mercury

97% chlorine and chloramines

99% lead, asbestos and arsenic

our reverse osmosis filters 5 times more contaminants


Aquasana’s OptimH2O is the first Reverse Osmosis Water System of its kind to combine powerful RO filtration with Claryum advanced stage filters PLUS added remineralization to make water a healthy alkaline pH.


Most RO water systems leave the water acidic, because it removes everything, including the healthy minerals your body needs. If your water is acidic it will leach the minerals out of your body, and bones to raise the pH in your body to a stable level. It is so important to have the alkaline minerals added back so it won’t weaken your bones and make you prone to disease that thrives in an acidic body. There is no substitute for a healthy purified pH alkaline water.


best reverse osmosis system


Click Here to get more information and the best price on this highly economical RO system that gives you the best tasting and most highly purified water on the planet. 


Your Health is your Wealth, so Improve both today with the Best Reverse Osmosis Water System!



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