Aquasana Bottles

Aquasana Bottles


aquasana water bottle



Aquasana Water Bottle

If you need clean pure, mineral rich water on the go, then Aquasana Bottles are the best. The Aquasana Water bottle is made of glass, with an insulating outer sleeve that protects the bottle from drops and slipping form your hands. It is not only beautiful but also very good at filtering the nasties out of your tap water.


It is Eco Friendly as well as highly Economical too. It replaces having to buy and recycle over 600 Bottles of Bottled Water too. The cost is about 18 cents a gallon, so you save hundreds of dollars compared to going out and buying and carrying around boxes of bottled water. I carry mine with me wherever I go!


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The Aquasana Bottle filter gives you 22 ounces of highly purified water from any tap (or bottled) water source. It can make bottled water even better, as it has a much better filter than the tap water that is filtered into most bottled waters. You can taste the difference, and also be part of the solution to plastic waste. One filter does 80 gallons of water (about $600) worth of bottled water.  And you can be sure you are getting safe, clean drinking water wherever you may be.


aquasana glass water bottles


Aquasana Glass Bottles

Aquasana Glass Bottles not only look good, but they are very good filters too. They filter out 99% of bacteria, heavy metals like lead, microbes and cysts, as well as almost 100% of toxic chlorine that lowers your immune system and dries out your skin and hair. The Aquasana bottle filters use electrical static charged nano filters to absorb out harmful chemicals and ion exchange filters to keep infectious bacteria and pathogens out of your drinking water!

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Aquasana gives you the best tasting water from a water bottler filter. It keeps in the alkaline water minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium so you feel fully hydrated. Most bottled waters are acidic and don't have the healthy alkaline minerals in them, so you drink and still fell thirsty. Aquasana bottles are health promoting, and will be a simple and easy decision for one of the best health and performance hacks you can do for yourself and your family! For more information or to get a few today, see: Aquasana Bottles.


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